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"If we find ourselves struggling against overwhelming odds and strong opponents with courage and perseverance, we have triggered the archetype of the hero."

What will it take for you to bring forth your Inner Hero?


Every person called upon to begin the Hero’s Journey lives through their own trials and triumphs, meets a mentor and allies, fights foes, and is rewarded for their efforts. Calling upon their Inner Hero one must ultimately face their dragons. The person is transformed as aspects of themselves have died off and a new self emerges. Returning home, the person brings their elixir, or the gifts they have received from the journey to those just starting out.


Hero's Journey Workshops, Classes and Coaching offer opportunities to examine your own experiences of being the hero in your life. Whether working individually or within a group setting reviewing the stories of heroes both fictional and non-fictional and spending time with the self-reflection questions will allow you to gain insight, inspiration, and confidence!  Trainings and consultations are offered for clinicians and practitioners who wish to incorporate the Hero's Journey® narrative, when working with individuals in their private practice or in larger organizations. 


Workshops and Classes

In a structured, supportive setting, participants are invited to view their own life experiences through the stages of the Hero's Journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell. Classes and workshops are facilitated around specific themes such as recovery from mental health challenges, care giving, parenting, aging, being a young adult, dealing with financial issues and weight issues, and being a helping professional.


Workshops and Classes uses a multimedia approach and includes film clips, poetry, art and self-reflection questions that spur discussions on each of the stages. The framework of the Hero's Journey gives participants a new way to understand and articulate their journey, one that is affirming, empowering, meaningful and transformative. 

These all-day or half-day in-person and/or online workshops are designed to introduce and familiarize participants to the stages of the Hero's Journey. 



Participants are invited to take the deep dive through the stages as they explore specific life events. Classes are limited to 12 participants to allow for personal sharing, valuable connection, and support.

Support Groups

Using the stages of the Hero's Journey as a jumping off point, group members meet weekly to discuss ways in which their Inner Hero faces Tests, Foes, and Challenges in specific areas of their life. As Allies, group members support, inspire, encourage, and guide each other. Group sessions last 90 minutes and are limited to 8 members and are conducted both in-person and online. 

Individualized Coaching
Acting as your mentor and ally we will venture through the stages of the journey together as you are called to reach your highest potential. You will meet your Inner Hero as you face expected tests, foes, and challenges along the way. Services include in-person or online coaching sessions, advocacy, resource research and referral, and liaison and coordination with other providers.

Meet your coach: JoAnn Dorio Burton

I'm a Certified Life Coach (CLC), Certified Psychiatric Rehab Practitioner (CPRP) author, consultant, life coach, and trainer. I have a BA in therapeutic Recreation and Sociology from Lehman College, CUNY and a 35+ career in community mental health.

I've developed and facilitated life/work skills training classes throughout my career and in 2018 received the Psychiatric Rehab Practitioner award for my work. My practice is inspired by and founded on the archetype of the hero and the stages the hero progresses through as described by Joseph Campbell in his book, The Hero With a Thousand Faces


"The whole experience made it clear to that becoming a caregiver again is a major part of "The Adventure of My Life," and I am its hero. Then came the treasure - the sincere sharing and camaraderie among people who were initially totally strangers was very heart warming."



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