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Hero's Journey® Workshop Themes and Topics

"Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be 

the source of what you are looking for." Joseph Campbell

Myths and stories can help articulate, comprehend and give meaning to one's life. Similar to Narrative Therapy, you are invited to examine your life story and consider a new narrative: The Hero's JourneyWhether you are searching to answer questions in your life, (intentional calls to journey), are called to deal with serendipitous events or are facing challenging life circumstances, the Hero's Journey narrative can give you an affirming and empowering framework to guide you along the way. Regardless of the call, the stages of the journey remain the same. Workshops are intentionally designed to awaken the Inner Hero and support your transformational process. 

Workshop Themes and Topics:

Discovering and Living From your True/AuthenticSelf

Recovery from Mental Health Challenges

Path to Well-being



Hero's Journey® Workshops for the Helping Professional

Hero's Journey of the Job Seeker

Wellness and Weight Management

Transforming the Relationship to Your Personal Finances

Older Adults and Retirement

Women in Transitions

Launching into Young Adulthood 

Chronic Illness

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"Questions that can make or unmake a life

questions that have patiently waited for you

questions that have no right to go away."

David Whyte

Intent of Hero's Journey® Workshops

Hero’s Journey® Workshops offers the opportunity for individuals to:

❖awaken the “hero” within
❖reflect upon life experiences through the different stages of the hero's journey
❖gain insights and heighten awareness leading to more life choices and self efficacy
❖acquire a new narrative, language and concepts about the journey that are affirming, empowering and humanizing
❖share experiences and insights with fellow travelers allowing for new discoveries and support 
❖acquire new and effective approaches (knowledge, skills and perspectives) in dealing with tests, foes and challenges
❖build and sustain motivation and discipline
❖identify mentors and allies who can provide inspiration, guidance and hope
❖ honor struggles as a vehicle to accessing the hero within and understand the role that acceptance, forgiveness and grief play on the journey

❖ identify and befriend one's dragons

❖allow for the retelling of one’s life story

From:                                                        To:

Victimhood                                         Personal  Responsibility

Disempowerment                             Empowerment

External locus of control                 Internal locus of control

Hopeless                                              Hopeful

Self loathing                                        Self compassion

Weak/helpless                                   Inner strength

Pessimistic outlook on life              Optimistic outlook

Low self esteem                                 Confident

Fearful                                                  Courageous

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts." 

Winston Churchill

More about Hero's Journey® Workshops

Workshops use  intentional self-reflection questions, film clips, poetry and art, to guide participants  through the stages of their Hero's Journey as adapted from the work of Joseph Campbell. As we venture through the stages, participants share their experiences of their journeys, the challenges faced, and how their Inner Hero has been brought fought to deal with them. Ultimately the journey calls upon the individual to befriend their dragons and realize the new self that has emerged! The journey has been a transformational venture, supported and helped by mentors and allies!



Workshops and Trainings Available

1,2 and 3 full or half day workshops tailored to your specific needs

4 to 6 week classes

Group Coaching/Mentorship/Support


Individual and Group Trainings for Clinicians and Practitioners

Workbooks and Facilitator Guides

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