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Work and Life Coaching through your Hero's Journey

Funny, how just when you think life can’t
 possibly get any worse it suddenly does.

- The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Working within a collaborative partnership, coaching sessions are designed to help you prepare you for life and the world of work. Sessions will inspire  you to reach your highest potential and offer you opportunities to explore skills and strategies that are essential for success. Calling upon the individual's inner hero, coaching sessions will encourage the exploration of their own understanding and experience of the various topics, ultimately creating an atmosphere of mutual learning. Sessions are engaging, relatable and fun!


Hero's Journey as your life narrative

Exploring who you are in relationship to Life/Work

Dimensions of Well-being

Working with the Power of Thoughts

Building Resilience and Managing Stress

Creating and Maintaining Healthy Social Connections

Building and Maintaining a Healthy Attitude

Staying Motivated

Other Topics


Job Preparation and Job Seeking



Resource research and referral


Coordination with other providers

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